Category: Team

Emily Sawle

November 03, 2022

Biography Emily began working as a paralegal in 2015 after completing the post-baccalaureate paralegal program at Madison Area Technical College. She joined Strang Bradley, LLC, in December 2019, and focuses primarily on personal injury cases. She is involved in cases from start to finish, and assists with record retrieval, drafting and responding to discovery requests, […]

Kate McCarthy

October 12, 2022

Biography Kate began working as a paralegal at Strang Bradley, LLC, in 2022. She primarily works with our criminal defense and civil rights attorneys. Before working as a paralegal, Kate spent many years as a municipal employee working for a civil rights department, where her main focus was compliance with affirmative action requirements in city-funded […]

James Odell

October 12, 2022

Biography I have spent my entire career as a lawyer fighting on behalf of those trapped in the criminal legal system. Whether it is proving my client’s innocence before a jury, holding the government accountable for their actions in Federal Court, or challenging unfair results in the courts of appeal, I believe that my role […]

Dean A. Strang

September 19, 2022

Biography I strive to offer what a client values most in a lawyer: good judgment, founded on listening to what the client really wants and needs. Then I try to express that judgment through exceptional written work; integrity in encounters with clients and everyone involved in a case; and simple care. When this means taking […]

R. Rick Resch

September 19, 2022

Biography Government is supposed to make people’s lives better, not worse. And standing up to the government is tough. If you’ve been hurt by the government, you need someone who will listen to you, understand what you’ve been through, and work with you to come up with the best plan to vindicate your rights. My […]

Rachel E. Bradley

September 19, 2022

Biography Following an injury, the road to recovery is a challenging one, not only physically, but emotionally and financially, as well. I work with my clients to alleviate the pressures they face along this road, so that they can focus on healing. I am committed to providing representation to those facing powerful opponents after suffering […]

John H. Bradley

September 19, 2022

Biography I bring a single-minded, quiet devotion to my work. And then I bring my work home. I understand that clients want both technological savvy and a lawyer who will put technology aside when it matters, and look a client, opposing counsel, or a judge in the eye. Smart clients also want a bright lawyer, […]