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Personal Injury

We help victims injured as a result of other's negligence or intentional abuse.

Suffering personal injuries as a result of someone's negligence or intentional abuse are among the most traumatic experiences anyone can endure. We specialize in representing and protecting individuals who are injured by others.

Car Accidents

Car Accidents

Car accidents are a leading cause of serious injuries. Even a seemingly less severe collision could lead to expensive bills and a change in your lifestyle. If you were involved in a motor vehicle crash, there are legal implications you should understand. Often, the party who caused the accident will not agree to assume responsibility for paying for property damage and medical bills to the people injured. People who hire a skilled personal injury lawyer to prove their losses will have a much better chance of receiving fair compensation for their injuries from the insurance company. Our team at Strang Bradley will work to protect your rights and fight for you while you focus on recovering from a  collision.

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accidents

Cycling is an excellent form of transportation for many reasons. For example, there are numerous health, environmental, and financial benefits to riding a bike. However, there are also some serious risks and hazards associated with cycling. For instance, cars are a constant danger to bikes. While it is true that drivers must exercise due care and share the roads with cyclists, many crashes still happen. If a reckless driver crashed into you while you were riding your bike, an experienced personal injury attorney could help protect your rights. A Wausau bicycle accident lawyer could investigate the crash, demonstrate that the driver is to blame, and help you collect financial compensation for your injuries

Nursing Home Neglect and abuse

Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

Sending a loved one to live in a retirement home can be a sad and stressful process. However, it is important to understand that enlisting a family member into a nursing home or long-term facility does not mean they hand over any rights. In fact, most states provide unique protections to people who live in these facilities. Unfortunately, retirement homes do not always treat residents with the respect and care they deserve. If you believe your loved one is being harmed, neglected, or abused, it is crucial that you speak with law enforcement and seek a personal injury attorney. Bringing attention to the suspected mistreatment at a nursing home or long-term care facility could provide justice for the victim and prevent future patients from experiencing the same situations.

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The integrity of this lawyer is sound. He works hard and does his best, his best being far superior to many others in his profession, which is a testament to him, rather than a criticism of his profession.
John Bradley was phenomenal. Although my case may not have been as "serious" as compared to the others that he may have been working with, John gave me 100% of his effort to reach the best case scenario. Throughout this process, I had many questions and concerns. John was easily reached and clearly makes time for his clients, regardless of your case.
John Bradley is definetly a top lawyer around here. During my case, he answered all my questions and kept me informed every step of the way on its progress.

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