“One of the things I said in the arbitration court was that I was hoping for a longer-term deal because I thought that as a city manager I thought we needed a little time from each other,” he said. “It was a bit controversial for five or six years, and we have to figure out how to fix that relationship in the future.” But in the evergreen phase, firefighters struggled without increasing. According to the final agreement, firefighters do not receive retroactive increases – increases they could have received during this immersive period. The union also persuaded voters to adopt Proposition B, which limits the pay and mandate of the city manager. This relationship has been tarnished by half a decade of disagreements including complaints, lawsuits, petitions, negotiations, mediations, accusations and political action committees. A committee of three arbitrators gave a final decision that says both the city and the union, san Antonio firefighters among the best compensated – salary and benefits – in the state. The verdict, however, leaves firefighters with an ever-green clause, which is cut in half, new health premiums and a 10 per cent pay rise and a 7 per cent lump sum payment until 2024. He also leaves firefighters without five years of pay. The union`s proposal would have increased the City`s costs by approximately $42 million in one year.

“It touches on all the goals that the city tried to achieve during the negotiations,” he said. “Of course, we hoped this could have been done earlier and together around the table, but we are grateful that a fair agreement – a good contract – was reached during the arbitration process.” But Steele said the still-green clause – on which the city had lost several calls – no longer mattered. “From the beginning of 2013, our goal was to get fair compensation for firefighters, which was affordable for taxpayers,” she said. We have already taken up the challenge in 2013 to amend the 25-year-old union contract to avoid a financial crisis for the city of San Antonio. In it, he describes the previous contract, which cost the city about $260 million a year. With the arbitration award, the city`s costs will increase by approximately $22 million over the next five years. The City had proposed to the arbitrators a plan that increased the city`s costs by only $9 million over the same period. Port San Antonio, located in the southwest of the city of San Antonio, was founded in 1995 following the federal government`s decision to close the Kelly Air Base.