The LGMA will begin immediately to ensure that everyone in the green community understands how to meet the new requirements. The updated LGMA Food Safety Practices document is available here on our website. More information on specific changes to LGMA`s food safety practices will be provided in the coming weeks and workshop and webinar meetings for green industry members and purchasing trade will be planned in the coming weeks. The California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement (LGMA) is currently accepting new signatories for fiscal year 2020/21. Since 2007, California`s lettuce, spinach and other green leaf merchants have protected public health by establishing a food safety crop on the farm through the California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement. Buyers of green leaves are looking for lgMA certification to see if their suppliers are LGMA-certified members; In addition, both Canada and Mexico have regulations that allow the importation of leaf green only by LGMA-certified companies. Even in the factories are strengthening its range of buyers and continuing training for all, leaf green by hand in the work to get them to the consumer. The government and manufacturing in general saw LGMA as a way to improve the safety of leaf green. The Green Group, supported by Western Growers, is working with industry, ranchers and members of the university community to create new, stricter requirements for agricultural water use. And in fact, the actions taken by LGMA`s board of directors have really changed the way 99 percent of greens are raised in California. The LGMA Food Security Program examines scientifically based agricultural practices through government audits and requires 100% compliance. However, the program is not limited to audits and citations.

Its ultimate goal is to ensure safe green leaves. The program was developed with a series of controls and balances to ensure that green farmers do everything in their power to protect public health by creating a culture of food security on the farm. Quality training, which teaches people how and why it is important to keep food safe, brings us closer to that goal. “I wanted to be a part of it because there was a need,” says Steve Church, co-chair of Church Brothers Farms, when asked how he got involved. “The people of the Green community have come together and put together an incredible program. Many buyers want gfSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), because it covers not only the green leaflets, but everything, but I would say that the LGMA guidelines are the strictest. I can`t say enough about employees and everything they do for the industry. They do it, and it is a first-class organization. In the green industry, water is becoming a priority for disease prevention. “We have 12 years of water testing, and we`re pretty confident that there`s water in the deep wells along the central coast, but down south there`s another ball game – it`s open surface water,” Villaneva said.